About RWDS


CEO and co-founder of Russian Warehouse Distribution Service Agency (RWDS) is the experienced logistics executive, high-ranked expert and speaker of professional medias in the field of Transportation, Logistics and Supply chains, has held senior management positions in the Sovtransavto, APL, FESCO, Freight Village, RZD Logistics, Docent of Higher School of Corporate Management RANEPA, pHd in Business and Economy - Mr. Leonid Shlyapnikov.

Russian Logistics and Supply Chain is young and fast developing industry created on the basis of post-soviet production and trade facilities, terminals, transportation and storage infrastructure.

This heritage of the bygone era determines in a greater degree ineffective Logistics facilities, technologies and operations which are forming outlive in market environment centralized distribution channels.


The RWDS experts team of experts has accumulated a wide and unique international practical experience and specializes in creation, development and management of:


  • Multimodal Transport and Logistics Centres (TLCs)

  • Wholesale and Retail Centres (WRCs)

  • Agricultural parks, complexes for processing and storage of agricultural products

RWDS mission is to provide a professional audience of investors and developers with high quality, comprehensive, detailed and objective "full cycle" service from the development of concept, operation technologies, design to the launch of the facility into commercial operation and its further development.

The principles of RWDS consist in a comprehensive and open-book approach to cooperation with companies that conduct their business in Russia and seek to achieve superiority in their industries through cost optimization and increase the efficiency of the client's terminals, warehouses, distribution centers and supply chains from individual elements to the client's value added.


RWDS or Russian Warehouse Service and Distribution Agency is a team of experts from various industries: economy, logistics, design, construction, development, which aims to create modern terminal, warehouse and distribution facilities, wholesale-retail centers (WRСs) to form efficient supply chains of various categories of cargoes from raw materials to finished products.


RWDS slogan is – Keep your Logistics FIT® in Russia

RWDS provides consulting services for the development of «turnkey» projects and takes over the management of transport, logistics and distribution infrastructure facilities in industries such as:


·         Agribusiness and food industry

·         Production

·         Recycling

·         Trade activities

·         Retail

·         Distribution

·         Storage

·         Foreign trade and customs activities


The target audience of RWDSis infrastructure owners and corporate clients who use temporary or permanent supply chains in Russia, СIS-countries and want to apply the following approaches:


·         Project management

·         Modern technologies

·         Best practices

·         Cost optimization, quality improvement and loss reduction

·         Creating value added