Before the end of the year, new wholesale distribution center will start operations in the Yaroslavsky region. “OSSK” and “Interagro” are planning to build 16 such centers and invest 100 bln RUR
Financial and construction group of companies “OSSK” together with developer and integrator of the complex solutions specialized in the agroindustrial sector “”Interagro” company start the construction of the Wholesale distribution center (WDC) in the Yaroslavsky region. For the new enterprise allocated the 36 Hectares green field at the territory of industrial park «Novoselky». WDC is raising by the big program of creating 16 such objects across Russian regions. Except the Yaroslavl region, at the head of the project first stage will be built 3 agro-clusters in the Tambovskiy, Orlovskiy region and Crimea. The general investor will be “OSSK” company, which is planning to invest at the start 12.3 bln. RUR. Total investments volume can be over 100 bln. RUR. The project is planning to finalize until the end of 2018.

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