Russian retail and distribution industry is one of the most dynamic developing sector of national economy. Cross-border logistics chains, delivery, storage, handling, distribution and «door» delivery of goods are very flexible in their reactions to the geopolitics challenges and market landscape.

RWDS is cooperating with leading international and national retail and trading insiders which are dealing with fast moving consumer goods and commodities for distribution.

Logistics and distribution function one of the most crucial for successful business activity and have the direct impact on:

    • Commodity stocks 
    • Timing and refresh level for goods «on the shop shelf» 
    • Percent of defective goods and losses by logistics operations

In general practice logistics costs are not in 2-5% of total expenditures of retail industry players. Definitely major expenditures and risks market participants have from the moment of product purchase to the moment of final customer and returning of the investments.

Meanwhile practically in case if company logistics organized ineffective and supply channels don’t built on the optimal basis by using the rational «lean» technologies. Retail company or distributor trader losses can reach up to 10-25% of company procurement activity.

In such way employment of the innovative and effective technologies, such as:

    • Intermodal/multimodal transportations 
    • Consolidation cross-docking terminals
    • Distribution centers
    • Mixing of the general and groupage cargos within integrated line hauls and supply chains
    • Address delivery for retail out lets
    • Combination of using different regimes, technologies and standards depending of cargo types and specific
    • «Door-to-door» delivery (D2D)
    • Modern warehousing technologies and equipment: sticking, packaging, separation, fining and etc
    • IT and web-solutions: TMS, OMS, WMS and etc

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