A lot of cargo types in the modern economy fits into the «regime category» and are complying with the specific requirements to the temperature and technologies throughout the cargo way from producer to the final consumer.

The general categories of such special cargoes:

    • Food
    • Beverages and alcohol
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Biomaterials
    • Cosmetics
    • Chemical industry products

All mentioned cargo categories have their own requirements to the logistics and need the researching/application of the individual SOPs and cargo flows maps.

Temperature sensitive cargos logistics and supply chain («Cold» supply chain) are building in accordance to the international standards and requirements of the different industries and lay at the forefront of the RWDS development.

Special regime of cargos transportation and handling connecting not only with temperature cargoes but with infrastructure, equipment, packing materials, separation methods, containers/boxes, coolants and others tools.

Mentioned tools are providing the control of the delivered cargos quality and cut the losses of the freight owners in cargos damages and scrapping by logistics operations.

Distances across Russia are very long and going through different climate zones, which depending from the season and determine broad variety of transportation conditions, storage and handling of the temperature sensitive cargoes.

Based on the rationality principles in logistics RWDS using different equipment by leading producers. Among the list of RWDS equipment providers are producers of special containers and refrigerators generators: Carrier, Thermo King. RWDS have the practical experience of collaboration with specialized marine container lines, transport/freight forwarding companies and warehousing operators – using for operations   bodies/containers/wagons which can provide service in «thermos» regime, as well as by using refrigerators machines with ample scope of temperatures regimes. Cargo separation technologies in the vehicle bodies and sections researching in the light of freight owner cargos matrix, their compatibility within the supply chain operations.

RWDS offer to the Clients optimization through using innovation schemes and equipment: combination of LCL/LTL cargo transportation technologies for international deliveries, across regions of Russia and CIS-countries; swap bodies for mixed transportations.

Essential condition of risks coverage for RWDS Clients is the researching and stable procedures application in the co-operation with leading survey and insurance companies.

RWDS specialists have broad vast experience of serving of the leading federal retail chains, producers and trading companies.

RWDS team target is to design, research develop food and other temperature sensitive cargos logistics projects exact feet to the Client requests and modern international quality standards and requirements.

One of the key projects of RWDS is FOOD DELIVERY project aimed on the creating specialized supply chains of food, vegetables and fruits of high quality across regions of Russia and CIS-countries on the base of modern logistics, web and IT-technologies, wide range infrastructure and partnership chain of leading Wholesale and retail center FOOD CITY.

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