The road transportation is continuing to act as the most developed transportation type for delivery of consumer and essential goods by import/export cargo-flows from/to European Union and third countries from/to Russia. Water ways deliveries by river and sea, as well as the railway transport are faced with undeveloped transloading and different transportation modes connectivity infrastructure. «Bottle neck» effect is taking the place at the interface of different types of transport: marine and land, road and rail, airfreight and road combinations. 

Multimodal and intermodal combinations of different transport modes (road, rail, marine/river, air) together with modern infrastructure, technologies and equipment afford an opportunity to build the new transportation corridors (supply chains) and sufficiently optimize their transportation, storage and handling costs.

Present conditions of the different industries Logistics are including specific requirements and requests in accordance to the using of the specific equipment, personnel, facilities for cargo handling at the consolidation sites and transloading into/from the containers, wagons, load boxes and vehicles bodies. In this context Logistics becomes the complex service with high ranked requirements to the intensity, complexity and quality of the operational processes.

RWDS geography is based on the main transportation corridors and by transloading locations by using special infrastructure and different types of transport. Key regions of RWDS projects management are North-West, Central Russia, Volga and South regions, Siberia, Ural and Far East. RWDS actively manage the projects in Baltic countries, Belorussia, Middle Asia and Caucasus republics. RWDS is researching complex projects in the biggest marine ports and leading terminals.

RWDS team on the stable basis is cooperating with leading Russian and International forwarding and transport companies, ports, terminals and warehousing service providers. RWDS experts have many years’ experience and practice of working in RZD, Transcontainer, FESCO, FM-Logistics, STS, MAERSK, UCL, Global Ports, Sovtransavto, Autoverslas and other leading companies acting on the Russian market. RWDS clients are manufactures, processors, resources companies, trading companies, distributors and retail chains.  

RWDS is providing complex Supply chains service and management for import/export, transit and internal cargo-flows of goods and resources driving by «built-to-suite» principle.

Key RWDS services are containers shipments, design/researching and development of the terminals and warehousing facilities, multimodal schemes of cargoes delivery evolvement.

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