at the South of MOSCOW Region
Annual CAPACITY is over 150 000 TEU
Lutoreckoe village near CHEKHOV district of Moscow region

RWDS team together with leading industries experts designed and is developing project of intermodal terminal for the containers flows of Moscow and Central region by the modern cross-docking concept. Terminal is developing on the basis of Transportation and Logistics center «STENTON» facilities, managing by «VELKA Realty Group».

Southern direction is the most active and perspective railway corridors for effective transportation and handling of multi-tonnage containers. Moscow is continuing to be the most active and large scope distribution hub for fast moving consumer goods, food and other value-added products. At the same time the railway infrastructure, road and street network of Moscow and Moscow region are overloaded by cargo flows and heavy traffic.

Those «bottle necks» and heavy traffic points could be improved by relocation of the container flows out of Moscow and 30-40 km farther away from the Moscow circle road by rational and effective using the road system of Moscow region. Chekhov is the most attractive area, which already placed many warehouse facilities of leading producers, trading and distributing companies. Excellent transportation connectivity is providing by Kursk direction of Russian railway and high-speed motorway «M-2 Krim». Such trump-card location of the «STENTON» terminal shape the very perspective future for terminal operating with big container volumes together with intracity and regional cargoes distribution.

 TLC «STENTON» is placed on the 13 Hectares with the 2 000 m of rail gauges, 30 000 m2 of warehouses, 3 000 m2 of offices and 150 parking places for heavy trucks. Separate block with 6 000 m2 of warehouse space has 3 different sections with regulating temperature regimes: from -18 to +25 degrees. TLC «STENTON» has their own infrastructure with gas-burning boiler house and 1.7 megawatt of electricity. The TLC square has the potential to expand by additional 45 Hectares of land and 3 gauges by deactivating ready car terminal depot «Intereurope» nearby.

In such manner territory, facilities and competitive location of TLC «STENTON» create the great perspective to build intermodal terminal with capacity over than 150 000 TEU/annually. In particular RWDS cross-docking concept together with modern technologies/equipment provide the opportunity to get the maximum performance of terminal and to optimize cost of the logistics operations.

In the neighborhood of TLC «STENTON» (1-30 km around) located more than 1.2 mln. m2 of A-class warehouses. Among the residents of Chekhov warehousing cluster such leading companies as X5, FM Logistic, M-Video, Panasonic, Castorama and others.

TLC «STENTON» location creating competitive basis for transportation between Central region, Siberia and Far East. The sufficient benefits in CAPEX, logistics costs for container import/export/transit cargo-flows and for intracity/regional distribution presenting TLC «STENTON» in Chekhov area as one of the most attractive working asset for investors and container operators.

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