Warehousing 3/4PL service

The key element of the whole modern Logistics function is the Warehousing. Warehousing process is the traditional logistic function which directly connecting with the effective cargoes storage, handling and delivery processes. Starting from the properly warehousing location geographical point in connection with suppliers and target customers to the fulfilling of the broad range of different requirements for the squares, equipment, infrastructure and resources. Warehousing become the grid point of the modern Supply chain networking across Russia.

The main specific difficulties of assets and services instrumentation in Transitive (developing) economics lies in the fact that their quality and performance is fall a long way short from the prevalent quality standards which became the stereotypes for Western countries. That’s why RWDS researched and propose to the customers the corporate Warehouses classification methodology.

RWDS classification of warehouses based on the whole of factors scope costs-, quality- and value-relevant for each individual Supply chain and distribution channel/network. Corporate RWDS technologies based on the complex physical modeling, management of the contract relations and budgeting processes. That’s configuring Clients target Warehousing process and exactly FIT to the Customers goals and needs.

RWDS experts in accordance to the Russian logistics industry specific are dividing warehouses into following Warehouses classes:

A Prime

Premium class warehousing building, infrastructure, modern specialized construction topology and modular-type structure. Highest storage, handling and cargo output/input capacity. Offices, show rooms, parking zones, additional services.


High level specialized warehousing building, topology and advanced infrastructure. Market-driving standard of storage, cargo handling capacity and additional service portfolio.


Medium warehousing facility, topology, specified construction structure/infrastructure and additional services.


As low as practicable (ALAP) level of warehousing facility, capacity, infrastructure and additional services.


Non-specified construction structure: industrial building, heated hangar.


«Shelter» elementary level: unheated industrial building, hangars, ex-civil defense building, basement.

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